Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Next up are some wikis

Mediawiki is already installed, but I want to use a wiki for an other project I work on (www.mmowiki.info - just a placeholder there at the moment), so I'll find a good handful of wiki-like systems and test them out.
Serves me good. Hopefully serves some of you good.

I still have a lot of thoughts on security. It isn't very sane to install systems with admin rights for everybody. Naturally I don't use the same credentials as for the main site, and I have scripts that resets the demos, but still - there are huge holes. And I start to get a few visitors.
As a sidenote:
Looks like my cut&paste approach on the product descriptions has made googlebot reject many as duplicates, but that'll change. It's just the first few for now.

Open source mailing systems

There are additional challenges providing open demos of mailing systems, because of the potential abuse, so I am uncertain how to do this. (Maybe some sandboxing could be the way to go).

I want to mention one. Couldn't possibly install it on my shared host because of heavy system requirements.
It is a email marketing system, and I have used it on a project. It's not exactly intuitive or user friendly, but it is powerful and feature-rich (or at least scriptable/configurable).
And it is OpenEMM. Probably openemm.com , but I dont remember. Google it.

Content Management Systems

There are already a handful (of the most known) Open source CRM systems installed at opensourcedemos.net, but there are literally hundreds to choose between, and often hard to decide which one to choose.

One of the (future) features will be to compare the different systems features, making it easier to see what system suits your needs best.
Often the most popular are most popular for a reason, but from time to time, some newcomers manages to impress, like Concrete5 these days.

EGGcrm demo

EGGcrm is a french thingie. Couldn't get it installed, and I am not sure why. The install script complained on write rights, but even 777 all over didn't help.

No idea how good it is. You find it on Sourceforge

Vtiger crm demo

Tried to install Vtiger crm, but because it is a shared host, I got into problem with php timeout.
It is possible to solve, but i let it wait for now. Vtiger looks very nice, so I can recommend downloading and testing it if you consider a CRM.

Open Source Demos

Just made this blog to write some personal comments on my open source project.

For now, I have installed around 20 programs in several categories, and I'll install several new every day.

The main issue is not installing, but making a user friendly and functional website, but the core is the demos, so maybe I just should focus on installing a bunch before I start refining the user interface. Problem is I hate doing double work.