Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Next up are some wikis

Mediawiki is already installed, but I want to use a wiki for an other project I work on (www.mmowiki.info - just a placeholder there at the moment), so I'll find a good handful of wiki-like systems and test them out.
Serves me good. Hopefully serves some of you good.

I still have a lot of thoughts on security. It isn't very sane to install systems with admin rights for everybody. Naturally I don't use the same credentials as for the main site, and I have scripts that resets the demos, but still - there are huge holes. And I start to get a few visitors.
As a sidenote:
Looks like my cut&paste approach on the product descriptions has made googlebot reject many as duplicates, but that'll change. It's just the first few for now.

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